Monday, September 7, 2015

Cabinet of Queeriosities 3 (2015)

The third Cabinet of Queeriosities that I've facilitated.

Arhea Robinson
Barely There, or Piles, 2015
thread on canvas

Heather MacDonald-Sorochan
Two-Spirited, 2015

Lisa Lunn
For MJ, Bowie, my Barbies and my Ponies, but especially 4U, Prince, 2015
assemblage of found and altered objects

Trudi Sissons
Duplicity, 2015
mixed media collage

Trudi Sissons
EX-HIBIT, 2015
digital image

Klaus Pinter
Untitled, 2015
digital prints

Kasia Sosnowski
Close/Closed, 2014
plaster, condoms

Darcy Forrest
St. Christopher, 2015
oil paint, photographs, gold leaf, and kunzite on wood panel

Kiley Granberg
Bird of a Feather – Sheller’s Jay, 2015
gouache, gold leaf, collage, frame

Cindy Baker
Poop Sprinkles, 2015
glass, ceramic jar, gelatin capsules, glitter

Jennifer Davis
Fruitcake, 2015
fruitcake, glitter, and cake board

Rick Gillis
Lesbane, 2015

Amanda Bigford
Hanky Panky, 2015
digital image 

G. Wayne Dwornik
Project: SOS, 2015

digital image

Len Komanac
Secret Hearts, 2015
acrylic on board

Giselle Peters
Flora, 2015
ceramic and fabric

Giselle Peters
Vase Form, 2015
ceramic and fabric

Giselle Peters
Skirted Vessel, 2015
ceramic and fabric

Frater Tham
“When We Care What Others Think We Lose Sight of Wonder,
When We Care What Others Do, We Miss the Mysterious,”
whispered the fairies. 2015
faux vintage photograph

Frater Tham
“When We Play We Grow Wiser, When We Judge We Grow Older,”
whispered the fairies. 2015
faux vintage photograph 

Frater Tham
“When You Support Others You Nurture Creation,
When You Disparage Others You Murder Worlds,”
whispered the fairies. 2015
faux vintage photograph

Frater Tham
“When We’re Self-Assured We Are Magical,
When We Are Self-Righteous We Are Miserable,"
whispered the fairies. 2015
faux vintage photograph

Megan Morman
Hankies, 2014
fused plastic beads

Rick Gillis
Marlene, 2015
assemblage, poetry, digital design

JB Groves,
Emergence, 2015
mixed media mono-prints on hardwood panels


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