Saturday, January 4, 2014

The Cougar

I could hear this barking commotion in the back yard so I went to the door. There was Tippy, a cream coloured bulldog, and what looked like another skinny tan dog. Tippy and the bulldog were barking at the tan dog and I realized it was small juvenile cougar attacking a large black dog prostrate on the ground. 
I rushed from the house, grabbed a tomato cage -- pointy bits facing outwards -- and attacked the cougar with it. Tippy and the bulldog got behind me and I managed to drive the cougar off the wounded black dog. The cougar attempted to pass me several times and return to the dog’s throat, but I beat it back with the tomato cage until it eventually hopped the fence and disappeared into the alley.
“You wouldn’t actually attack a cougar with a tomato cage to save a strange black dog, would you?” asks Josie.
“Well, I did in my dream,” I reply.

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