Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cabinet of Queer-iosities 2012

This is the second annual Cabinet of Queer-iosities I've organized for the fabulous oak showcases at the Bowman Arts Centre.  Cabinet of Queer-iosities is a collection of small format works celebrating LGBT history and pride.  These exhibitions wouldn't take place without the support of Bowman curator Darcy Logan and all the community spirited artists who submit work.  The show opens tonight and runs until September 15.  Don't miss it.

Work I produced for this year's Cabinet of Queer-iosities, God Save The Queen, 11 x 14, photocopy transfer, acrylic, and collage on board, 2012.

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cindeb said...

Sorry I didn't spit out some art fast enough. I'll have to go see the show before it's over!