Friday, February 3, 2012

An Amateur Shit-Doodling Hooligan

A friend posted “The 30 Harshest Artist-on-Artist Insults In History” on my Facebook page recently. It includes the following quote by Mihail Chemiakin on Voina: “Anyone can be an amateur shit-doodling hooligan. It's unpleasant and casts a shadow on all serious artists.” And I immediately thought I don’t want to be a serious artist; I want to be an amateur shit-doodling hooligan. There are far too many serious artists making far too much serious art. Serious art is provocative. It’s political. It informs us about other people’s lived experiences and reminds us about our social responsibilities. And it’s work to look at it. You need to have amassed a heap of cultural capital via a liberal, lefty arts education as well as a whole tool kit of terminology to even talk about it. Nope, I want to be an amateur shit-doodling hooligan.

So here they are:

An Awkward Girl, 2012.

A Shy Boy, 2012.
Dunce, 2012.Wite Pried, 2012.
Two Men in Pointy Hats, 2012.
Dole 45 Monkey Shooter, 2012.
Grimace, 2012.
The Mustard Gets Excited, 2012.

The Hotdog Swallows, 2012.

Tumbleweed Suicide, 2012.

Darth Curator, 2012.

Tune in or drop into exhibition opening at the Bowman Arts Centre on March 10, 2012.

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