Monday, August 8, 2011

Flexus Maximus

A sample of the paintings/illustrations I'm currently producing for 12 Point Buck's "Flexus Maximus," opening at the Kenderdine in Saskatoon on September 23rd. "Flexus Maximus" is an homage to Western Canadian folk painter Levine Flexhaug.

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Blaine Scott said...

I'm glad to find that this amazing artist is well known and appreciated; inspiring others to make art like Levine's work is high praise. I had the great fortune to find one of his paintings which now hangs in my home in Ontario. It was sold through the Eaton's art gallery; it is interesting to begin finding out what kind of artist Mr. Flexhaug was. Can anyone point me towards a bio for him online somewhere. Thanks. Blaine Scott - matthewscott(at)rogers (dot) com.