Sunday, March 28, 2010

With 12 Point Buck @ Nouveau Gallery, Regina

March 26 - April 17, 2010

Buckhead 2

Buckhead sketches

Weissmuller sketch
Buckhead 5
Buckhead 3
Buckhead 2, 1, and 5

I began working on the Buckhead series as drawings incorporating the same buck’s head. I’m an avid collector and spent months tracking down a myriad of buck, deer, and fawn stamps from across North America and England but always returned to this particular image as it best represents the model buck: majestic, stately, and proud. It was also a head begging for the addition of a body. I decided to explore this concept of the masculine ideal in the wilderness with the epitome of human masculinity: the classic Hollywood actor. The resulting mash-up, while both idiosyncratic and amusing, allows for a juxtaposition that further explores the constructed-ness of “nature” and it’s link to particular notions of beauty, rugged-ness, and virility. The plywood support for the paintings provides a literal foundation of manufactured rawness on which these nature/culture hybrids float.

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